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Sound recording of the main meetings and several of the breakout rooms will be available through Sound Solutions. Click on the link below, if you are interested in receiving recordings of these selected events.


Important Message

Greetings from your Roundup Sites and Policies Committee.

We hope this finds you all safe and well. The 2020 South Bay Roundup is here. It is going to be AMAZING!. We will be using a combination of Zoom and live events, creating that "SUPER ZOOM" affect for the Roundup. This combination approach is necessary, to make sure we follow the health guidlines, and more importantly to keep you safe.

  • Registration is free, however, we will be taking donations to cover our cost.
  • The Roundup is Labor Day Weekend, September 4-6.
  • To login into a Zoom Meeting, goto the Zoom Events by clicking on the "Zoom Events" button above. The Zoom events will be displayed in a timeline. Click on the zoom event you want to attend and you will be taken into the zoom event. You will not need to enter toe meeting Id or password. This will be automatically handled for you.

Please check out the Roundup website for further updates. If you have any questions, you can leave your inquiries on the website https://www.southbayroundp.org (under the "Information" tab you will find "Contact Us" where you can leave a message) and someone will get back to you or you can leave a message on the Roundup hotline at 310-354-7660.

May God bless you and keep you safe!

Your Southbay Sites and Policies Committee

Southbay Roundup Purpose

The Southbay Roundup's purpose is to bring people together, so they can celebrate their sobriety with family and friends.

Thank you for joining our celebration. Each person who comes to the South Bay Roundup adds to the power and magic of our program – that it works – it really works. Putting together this event requires the efforts of hundreds of South Bay AA’s, Al-Anons, Alateens and friends. Since last winter, they have put in their time, their talents and their love to make their event happen. We know they have received the internal rewards of spiritual growth, greater self-esteem and increased connection to others, but we would also like to take this opportunity to publicly thank them all. If you want to thank them personally...give them a hug!! (us too!)

Important Messages

We are sorry that we are no longer selling merchandise. We started shipping orders on Aug 26. If you purchased any merchandise you should be receiving your order in the next few days.