Southbay Roundup Purpose

The Southbay Roundup's purpose is to bring people together, so they can celebrate their sobriety with family and friends.

Thank you for joining our celebration. Each person who comes to the South Bay Roundup adds to the power and magic of our program – that it works – it really works. Putting together this event requires the efforts of hundreds of South Bay AA’s, Al-Anons, Alateens and friends. Since last winter, they have put in their time, their talents and their love to make their event happen. We know they have received the internal rewards of spiritual growth, greater self-esteem and increased connection to others, but we would also like to take this opportunity to publicly thank them all. If you want to thank them personally...give them a hug!! (us too!)

Important Messages

The Signup breakfast is cancelled due to COVID-19. You will be able to sign-up and volunteer for service to the various committees online this year, beginning April 18 2020.

Highlighted Events

Dinner, Show & Dance

One of the main events that includes a dinner, show, and entertainment. This is an opportunity for you to dress up and have a great time.

Poker Run

Here is your chance to get on your motorcycle and create the best poker hand. You ride your bike to different pre-selected locations to pickup seperate cards for your poker hand.

Al-Anon Luncheon

Great event that has some of the best speakers. Must see even if you are an Alcoholic.