Event Timeline

  • Golf Tournament
  • Opening & Flag Ceremonies
  • Opening AA Speaker Meeting
  • Friday Comedy Show
  • Herb K. Workshop

    Herb K. will be speaking on the topic, "Sponsorship: Key to Optimal Recovery and Living".

  • AA Workshop - H&I Meeting

    Lee C speaking on the Historical Roots of H&I

  • AA Workshop - The Writing of the Big Book

    Lee C. from Santa Maria, will be talking about "The Writing of the Big Book"

  • Al-Anon Luncheon & Speaker Meeting

  • Allen B. Workshop

    Allen B. will have a workshop titled, "Emotional Sobriety the next step in your recovery".

  • AA Women's Speaker Meeting
  • Veterans Meeting

    Open Meeting. Alcoholics Only Participation.

  • Banquet, Speaker Meeting & Show

    One of the main events that includes a dinner, show, and entertainment. This is an opportunity for you to dress up and have a great time.

  • Interview with a Drunk
  • Young People's DJ

    DJ Slick Rick, Hermosa Beach

  • AA Young People Panel
  • Motorcycle Poker Run

    Here is your chance to get on your motorcycle and create the best poker hand. You ride your bike to different pre-selected locations to pickup separate cards for your poker hand.

  • Family Breakfast & Speaker Meeting
  • AA Workshop - People, Places and Things

    Lee C, Santa Maria

  • AA Longtimers Reception (25+ years)
  • AA Longtimers Meeting (All Welcome)
  • Al-Anon Longtimers Meeting & Tea
  • Veterans Meeting
  • AA Biker Speaker Meeting (All Welcome)
  • AA Workshop - Writing of the BigBook

    This presentation will decisively change whatever you think you know about early A.A. history and the ways the book, Alcoholics Anonymous, actually came into being. Be part of the first audience to ever hear the author, Bill S. from Fairfield CT, share stories and information drawn from previously unshared letters and documents unearthed from the collections at GSO and Stepping Stones during eleven years of meticulous research. To be published October 24th

  • AA Musicians Speaker Meeting (All Welcome)
  • Vegas Night

    Vegas Night is back. Come join us and play Blackjack, Craps, Roulette.

  • Musicians Music and Dance
  • Birthday Meeting
  • Closing Ceremonies & AA Speaker Meeting